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What kind of colours complements your living quarters?

Explore some practical ideas for your decor and colours by the interior colour expert. Appropriate positioning of art and decorative objects, optimal placement of pictures, offering tips for smart shopping.

Perhaps you have noticed that certain colours influence our feelings and personal, inner mood. If you are sad, for example, you may select rather dark and subdued colours. During the summer, when days are bright and warm, consciously or unconsciously the wardrobe of bright, vibrant colours or simply whites express the mood of the day.

The Psychologists deal intensively with the question of how the colour stimulates and what feelings and emotions they evoke in people.

Colour Theory examples :



For many people, blue is an absolute favorite colour. In clothing, it looks serious. It seems cool in a living room, it feels fresh and elegant. Ideal for Bathroom, Kitchen, Spa and Pool areas.


Named as "The queen of colours" by J. W. von Goethe. Interior decorators find red as dynamic colour which is motivating activity. The colour red is an ideal colour for Fitness Rooms, Party Rooms as well as for work areas such as the office or a studio.


Vincent van Gogh was particularly fond of this colour. He loved the sun which was evident in his works. In the living and dining area this colour appears friendly, communicative and warm. The yellow colour is perfect for north facing rooms which generally do not get much sun. It is a relaxing and happy colour for the childrens room. Yellow is ideal for Meeting Rooms and often used for Hall ways.


Considered a “warm colour“ (like red and yellow ) comforting, stimulating optimism and joy. Orange is known as a rejuvenator in case of physical or mental exhaustion. The colour encourages companionship, representing vital strength and activity, feelings of security, comfort and emotional warmth. Orange is therefore particularly suitable for Therapy Rooms and areas to relax.


After the cold season when the winter passed, the colour green gives hope for new life in nature. Green is the colour of the center. It is soothing, without tiring. The colour green promotes inner peace and balance, tolerance helpfulness, patience, contentment and serenity. Green is perfect for rooms where you like to read and study.


In fact it is quite simple: a mixture of red and blue, is purple. The word itself comes from Arabic and means "Lilac". But there's far more to it than that, the colours purple or violet at a time were reserved only the ruling class and kings. Meanwhile, any person may decorate with that colour. It gives mysticism, dignity and selfassurance and has a cleansing effect on the psyche. Anyone who hesitates to use the purple in the living area may use it as acsent colour in pillows or a lampshades.


This shade looks natural and down to earth. Brown goes well with wood floors and natural fibers. The use of these components in one room radiates cosiness. Brown looks at us with a certain warmth, stillness and earthiness. A good combination is the use of gold. Depending on your taste and locality of the object to be designed, this colour works well in Living Rooms, Lounges, Bars and even in Bedrooms.

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