Vernissage  Exhibition  of  Sculptures

Cornelia Hagmann – L’emozione dei gioelli nell’arte

As a part of the group exhibition „L’emozione dei gioelli nell’arte“, Contemporary Artist Cornelia Hagmann shows her latest Art-Sculptures at the „Museo Sergio Maina“ in Caslano, Ticino. Along with different other artists Cornelia Hagmann presents her works of art from Saturday, 12th September to Sunday, 25th October. The Exhibition takes place in collaboration with the „Schola di Scultura – Peccia“.

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L’emozione dei gioelli nell’arte

September 12 – October 25, 2020

Museo Sergio Maina
via Orti 15
CH-6987 Caslano

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ATELIER: CORNELIA HAGMANN | Villa dei Fiori | CH‑6936 Cademario | Switzerland
HEAD OFFICE: LA GALLERIA ART & DESIGN GmbH | Chapfstrasse 88 | CH‑8126 Zumikon | Switzerland
Phone: 0041 75 418 18 18 | | www.cornelia­

Atelier Villa dei Fiori
CH-6936 Cademario

Chapfstrasse 88
CH-8126 Zumikon

Member of:
Kunsthaus Zürich,
SIK – Swiss Institut for Art Research,
Artischock Society of Artists – Zürich