Acryl on Canvas

Thoughts and Aphorisms

"Silence is a universal gift that few appreciate. Maybe because it can not be bought. The rich buy noise. The human soul delights in the silence of nature, which is revealed only to those who seek him."
[Charlie Chaplin]

"Uno dei mali della nostra epoca consiste nel fatto che l'evoluzione del pensiero non riesce a stare al passo con la tecnica, con la conseguenza che le capacità aumentano, ma la saggezza svanisce."
[Bertrand Russell]

Size of images and paintings:
3 x 2 Meters
(Sizes can be adjusted for custom orders).

Acryl and Oil on Canvas, Aluminium, Acrylic Glass, Acrylic Glass with illuminated frame.

For further information please contact me:
Tel. 0041 75 418 18 18

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Atelier Villa dei Fiori
CH-6936 Cademario

Chapfstrasse 88
CH-8126 Zumikon

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