Flowers - Acryl on Canvas

The paintings by Cornelia Hagmann speak their own language. Daring, skillful but also playful, she transforms natural scenes into works of art whose colour and expression awaken the viewer's eye.

"It’s been a passion of mine since I was a child. I’ve always loved painting, just as I’ve always been inspired by nature, its colours and vibrations. I like to highlight details that nobody notices – a leaf, a branch, a flower. Art has to touch the heart of the viewer.

At the same time, the artist, in creating a work, must find something that touches her own heart. Even as a child I understood that this was going to be an important part of my life."

Size of images and paintings:
3 x 2 Meters
(Sizes can be adjusted for custom orders).

Acryl and Oil on Canvas, Aluminium, Acrylic Glass, Acrylic Glass with illuminated frame.

For further information please contact me:
Tel. 0041 75 418 18 18

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ATELIER: CORNELIA HAGMANN | Villa dei Fiori | CH‑6936 Cademario | Switzerland
HEAD OFFICE: LA GALLERIA ART & DESIGN GmbH | Chapfstrasse 88 | CH‑8126 Zumikon | Switzerland
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Atelier Villa dei Fiori
CH-6936 Cademario

Chapfstrasse 88
CH-8126 Zumikon

Member of:
Kunsthaus Zürich,
SIK – Swiss Institut for Art Research,
Artischock Society of Artists – Zürich