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Cornelia Hagmann’s paintings awaken the viewer‘s eye. During her travels in nature, the artist captures natural phenomena with her camera which she sorts according to shape, colour and texture in order to transform it artistically. The result is the creation of an imaginary visual language that catches the human eye‘s attention drawing it to the small details in nature. The focus is on the beauty of nature, but also on man who carries responsibility as part of Creation. Luscious colours, which then partially pass into watery, transparent tones, reveal the unseen and unheeded. Wilting flowers, branches, leaves and inconspicuous plant shapes obtain a new ex-pression through this working process. See who else is "Talking about Cornelia Hagmann":


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ATELIER: CORNELIA HAGMANN | Villa dei Fiori | CH‑6936 Cademario | Switzerland
HEAD OFFICE: LA GALLERIA ART & DESIGN GmbH | Chapfstrasse 88 | CH‑8126 Zumikon | Switzerland
Phone: 0041 75 418 18 18 | | www.cornelia­

Atelier Villa dei Fiori
CH-6936 Cademario

Chapfstrasse 88
CH-8126 Zumikon

Member of:
Kunsthaus Zürich,
SIK – Swiss Institut for Art Research,
Artischock Society of Artists – Zürich