Fancy Popart

The British art critic Lawrence Alloway is credited with the description of this “ anti-fine art” movement. Pop Art often is regarded as abstract expressionism and drawing from popular commercial images of its time. The “Pop Artist” embraces the use of ordinary objects which can be understood by everyone. Popular in America, the images often included Coca Cola cans, hamburgers or ice cream cones. Some artists used black outlines for their images as displayed in some comic books. The primary bold colours are often used to make a statement on advertising billboards and posters.

Allow me to offer some insight into the various technical aspects of my work which displays an association to the pop art of the period of the 1950- 1960ties. My works are created on linen boards and are conceived by utilizing three to four different components:

  • Portrait Photography
  • Pure Cobalt Pigments
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Gesso and /or Swarovski Crystals

The exceptional quality of the Cobalt pigments which have been used by many historical artists, achieve an amazing illuminating and often three dimensional effect. In my efforts to produce optimal results for each project, I personally select the most unique combination for the painting as well as the suitable materials. The brilliant colours of each work are protected using special light filters. All paintings are exclusive works of Pop Art and signed by myself.

Your personal Pop Art Portrait

For the realization of your own Pop Art Portrait, you may select one of two possibilities:

1. You provide one of your best portrait photographs from which your Pop Art, the Portrait, will be created.

2. You may decide to use one of my preferred professional Photographers for a photo shooting.

The professional Photos will be used as a template for your personal Pop Art Portrait.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me:
Tel. 0041 75 418 18 18

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