Artist Portrait

Cornelia Hagmann

Cornelia Hagmann was born and raised in Austria. During her youth she studied with the renowned austrian painter Luise Jehly. The use of colour and various forms of design still remain her passion today. Using her artistic talents, she decided on a career as stylist, make-up and theatrical makeup artist. Her artistic ability became quickly appearant while working in the theatre, fashion and film production industry. With her professional experiences and skills she completed her career, as a cooperating team leader for the research department of the Wella Group.

The passion for art is rooted in the family of her grandmother. It seems that she inherited her talent from her great aunt, the well respected painter Babette Wagner. During several trips to Canada she had the opportunity to visit the Ontario Gallery of Art. Inspired by the Group of Seven Paintings, she created her works depicting the Canadian landscapes.

In addition to continuing her studies at Art College in Zurich, her artistic development is influenced by her frequent travel abroad. During an educational trip to Florence, Hagmann gained more insight into the history and technology of mineral and oil paints at the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci.

Since 2004, her paintings are displayed in the Zurich region and in Engadin, as well as in her studio in Ticino/Tessin. Cornelia Hagmann creates contemporary paintings in acrylic, watercolor, and oil.

These unique, colorful paintings are a homage to nature and its beauty. With her works of art Cornelia Hagmann would like to sensitize the eye of the viewer in order to bring the sensitivity of our natural environment and its beauty and values to the centre of human consciousness.

Her thoughts and her basic attitude towards nature and the environment inspire Cornelia Hagmann to paint these pictures. They are a true declaration of love to our magnificent nature.






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Member of:
Kunsthaus Zürich,
SIK – Swiss Institut for Art Research,
Artischock Society of Artists – Zürich