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A lot is written about art, and it means something different to each and every one of us. In this column, I would like to share a few of my thoughts on art with you and introduce you to my work.

These unique, colorful paintings are a homage to nature and its beauty. With my works of art I would like to sensitize the eye of the viewer in order to bring the sensitivity of our natural environment and its beauty and values to the centre of human consciousness. My thoughts and my basic attitude towards nature and the environment inspires me to paint these pictures. They are true a declaration of love to our magnificent nature.

Working creatively with art is and always has been part of my personal evolution. My talent, and hence my enthusiasm for experimenting with colours and new techniques, are my engine. Art is a language that wants to be understood – and it has many guises. It can sometimes be provocative and at other times conform. It is a barometer, a mirror showing us how we feel, what we wish for, but also what we don't want to see. It can create positive or negative tension, it can play with us, move us and shake us up – yet, as a rule, it almost always encapsulates the spirit of the age. Pictures are sometimes with us all our lives and remain more strongly ensconced in our memories than any other sensory experience. Pictures govern our sense of wellbeing more forcefully than scents, sounds or tastes, with our eyes deciding in a matter of seconds whether we like or dislike what we see every day.

Purchasing paintings is first and foremost a passion; it makes us happy but is also a challenge – and always a cultural delight. Those who contemplate and procure art are investing in their own quality of life and personal development. The 'value' of the image is secondary. The paintings I have created are designed to awaken the desire to discover your own individuality and to boost your enjoyment of life. They should be affordable for everybody who likes them and is interested in art. My works of art should effuse a sense of comfort, which is lacking in our modern age with its permanent flurry of activity. They are there to give you pleasure and a feeling of happiness.

Cornelia R. Hagmann, May 2021

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Member of:
Kunsthaus Zürich,
SIK – Swiss Institut for Art Research,
Artischock Society of Artists – Zürich